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Welcome To MynkBlak Spa Care

Welcome To MynkBlak Spa Care

Unveiling MynkBlak, a skincare and candle brand designed to celebrate you. We offer a carefully curated selection of nourishing products for all skin types and ethnicities. Crafted with inclusivity in mind, MynkBlak empowers you to embrace your unique beauty while indulging in the luxurious glow of our handcrafted candles.

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MynkBlak Soy Candles

Scentscapes for every


We have created a variety of soy candles with captivating fragrances that evoke emotions and experiences. Imagine invigorating citrus blends for mornings, calming lavender for evenings, and cozy spice mixes for winter nights.

The art of slow burning


Emphasize the long-lasting nature of your soy candles, allowing for hours of fragrance enjoyment without harsh chemicals or rapid burning. This positions your product as a mindful luxury compared to fast-burning alternatives.


Sustainable and

Highlight the use of natural soy wax and essential oils, free from harmful additives and parabens. This caters to consumers seeking clean-burning candles that prioritize both well-being and environmental responsibility.

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